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"I have always been conscious of my less-than-straight teeth. During my early 20s the problem worsened, with my front two teeth crossing over and one of my teeth standing behind the others on the lower row.  

A picture that I took in August 2012 underlined the extent of the problem – it seemed to be worsening and I decided to take action. I had previously looked into alternative treatments such as aligners, but was put off by the price tag and the treatment length.

When I met Dr Nadeem I discovered the ‘Six Month Smiles’ procedure, which is based on traditional brace techniques; this seemed a more thorough treatment, and cost almost half as much. The timing was particularly opportune because I was looking forward to a holiday with my boyfriend in summer 2013 and wanted a nice smile to go away with.

Dr Nadeem explained all aspects of the procedure very carefully and offered unparalleled customer service. Solihull Dental Practice offers an individualised approach to each customer – they aim to minimise any discomfort and the staff are available on the telephone after hours in case of any problems. 

I saw results almost immediately, and my teeth have shown a marked improvement on each  monthly visit.  My teeth were much better aligned than previously by month five, but Dr Nadeem appreciated my attempts at perfection, so the final adjustments took the treatment to six months. Although the brace was slightly uncomfortable when first fitted, it was amazing how quickly I got used to wearing it. I am due to reveal my perfect teeth next weekend, and then look forward to my whitening treatment. My boyfriend is now my fiancé, so now I have another exciting occasion to show off my new smile!"



"As a patient from the United States, I was so impressed with Dr Nadeem as he is professional and really knows his stuff! He has some of the most advanced dental equipment that I've not been able to access in the US. The whole place is so relaxed that I didn't worry about the treatment I was going to have, as every step was explained to me, and he was very reassuring. Getting an appointment was a breeze. Having been to many private dentists back home, I can really recommend Dr Nadeem if you want a quality service-you won't regret it!"
                                                                SS patient at  SOLIHULL DENTAL PRACTICE

"Professional  Service with Excellent Staff and Comprehensive aftercare."


"I had a filling and a crown at Solihull Dental Practice and I am very impressed by the colour of the crown. The service was excellent and personalized I did not have to wait and I was given all the information about the treatment. I will recommend to all my friends and family." 


"Thank you very much Dr Nadeem for the superb service you provided me. You gave me great care and attention and also a big thank you to your staff for their unfailing kindness and professionalism, you are a truly honest and compassionate dentist who couldn't be any nicer. Very thoughtful and pleasant, helping a nervous wreck like me before, during and after my treatment. I was very comfortable with Dr Nadeem and I am absolutely pleased with the results. I cant recommend him enough!"


"Initially I was a little nervous about going to the dentist. I had not been to the dentist for several years. Any doubts I had however, were soon dispelled as Dr Nadeem and his team were friendly and reassuring. I am absolutely delighted with the end result and have no hesitation in recommending Solihull Dental Practice to anyone. In fact it is a pleasure to go there!"


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